It’s been a while…

I know I have been slacking in my posts. Ok, not slacking, I totally forgot. I did a 4 mile race in September that I was pretty proud to finish and injury free no less. I started doing Insanity again in late October along with my regular lifting. I tried to lift a little too much during a deadlift and curved my back. I felt the pop and that put the lid on any exercising for a while.

With the new year I, like almost every one else, am committing to a series of changes. I don’t start mine until January 6th. My birthday is the 5th. I am not be able to halt the aging process so I am dang well going to enjoy good food and friends. I’ll have to do another post with just my resolutions.

One of my resolutions is to cook a new reicpe each week. Week 1 is/was Trisha Yearwood’s Cheese Straws. They are delicious if I do say so myself. The recipe can be found here.




The 2013 Marine Corps Mud Run in Roanoke, VA

I have wanted to do this for several years. A group of work friends got together and finally knocked this out. I didn’t think it was that bad. The worst part for me was going up the Roanoke river for a short ways. You could walk/wade up it so you didn’t have to swim unless you tripped. The water temperature was straight cold. I want to do it again next year and see how fast I can do it. I think the 10% incline on the treadmill really helped me.  Overall, I didn’t think it was that bad. We might have finished dead last but WE FINISHED!!!!!


Here we are before we got all dirty. 


I found that “swimming” the mud was easier. I let my body float and used my arms. This really saved my knees. 


I’m still not sure how I managed to get through this with my face/hair clean (ish). 

comienza la dieta (the diet begins)


This is my new diet. It’s not strictly IIFYM but more of a eating healthy/low fat plan. I haven’t done the calories out for each day yet. The first day is about a 1000 calories. I think I might up it a little but we’ll see how we do. I think i’ll add fruit as mid morning snacks.  My current addiction, Quest Bars, will be added here & there. My plan is on heavy lifting and/or cardio days (every day hehe). I might not do quest bars each day so my wallet tells me. It tells me to make some protein balls which are delicious. I think I might transition into full IIFYM eventually but we’ll see. 

My overall plan has been slowed down a bit but not derailed. I’m still working out and eating healthy. I found out I have to have a root canal and was on antibiotics. I didn’t want to keep taking my Cellucor supplements and the antibiotics. I’m off them now. My consult is tomorrow so hopefully I can get this over with and get supplements back on track. It doesn’t hurt that bad just a dull ache with moments of sharp. I haven’t touched the Lorcet but the 800mg Advil is nice!

My work out days:

Monday: Chest and biceps
Tuesday: Hamstrings and glutes
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: Quads/glutes/calves
Friday: Triceps and shoulders
Saturday/Sunday: Rest day OR choose a muscle group of your own preference.

A little scared (hold the little)

So here is my work out schedule for Monday – Chest & Biceps


Pull Ups

 The incline bench press and bench press are going to be “fun” tomorrow. Push Ups are going to make me paranoid but I think I’ll just do those at home for now until I gain confidence. It’s the downfall of me, confidence.

I feel like everyone is going to laugh at me if I do it wrong. I logically realize they probably won’t but the paranoia is still there. I think I might see if a trainer can work with me either in the AM or at night whichever fits their schedules. It’s only the old lady at the work gym I have to worry about laughing. She apparently likes to listen to comedy while on the bike and laugh out loud. 

I was apprehensive at this, the pull ups. I had my husband show me how to use this machine and now I’m feeling better about this. I hope the animation shows up when I post this. 


Here’s where I got this from:

In the end I know I will rock it because I want to make a change!!

Tracking progress

I’m debating on what method to use to track my progress. I’ve used the Jefit program for a few months know with the New Rule program. I’m very tech oriented.  My tablet is 7inches so not too big. I’ll probably go this method but I’m still toying with a clipboard and printed pages. I basically just want get crafty and “pimp” out a clip board. 



You can see from the above shot that you can pick the times between sets. There’s a timer that buzzes too and lets you know when to continue. Not to mention unless you have to custom make a move there’s a little clip that shows you how to perform it. 


Here are the paper logs I found on the internet. You can see my perfectly neat handwriting. 

An intro into my new world


So this my new work out schedule. I think I am going to like having dedicated days to certain body parts. I’ve been following the New Rules of Lifting for Women program for about the last 3 months. I’ve experienced gains but I’m a little bored with were the program is going.  I’m looking forward to seeing my arms and shoulders firm up even more. I know I’ve got a significant amount of fat to lose still but  I will still see positive muscle changes. 

I’ll still be having cardio before/after my weight sessions. 


Here’s a snip it of my new diet. It’s just what foods are allowed not what I’ll be eating per say. She’s got a menu set out for me that I can customize/edit to suit me. Meaning if I want more fish or more chicken. As long as I get my macro’s in i’m good. I also will be cutting off carbs after a certain time frame. The plan is called IIFYM, If It Fits Your Macros. I’m still new but it’s going to be a fun journey. I’m  going to be on a 187g protein, 112 carbs and 33g fat ratio. 

Why I created yet another weight loss/fitness oriented blog.

I created this blog as a way of keeping it real, keeping myself honest and on track. If I get viewers/followers, great. If not, that’s fine as well.

I made the decision to consult with a personal trainer and have a plan developed for me. It’s going to be an interesting and dare I say “fun” journey!! It’s a 6 day a week workout plan. The meal plan is somewhat IIFYM. I’ll go more into deals later.